• Do you work 1099, W2 or corp to corp? – Prefer C2C, will do 1099.
  • What is your availability? – Roughly 20 hours per week.
  • What is your rate? – Whatever is mutually agreed upon.


Starting off with over a decade of Windows programming followed by embracing the Open Source community, I have an unusual (and very useful) breadth and depth of programming (and I.T.) experience across unrelated technologies.

I specialize in websites and e-commerce and have extensive experience in Drupal customizations. My Drupal profile (Reg) is at and you will see I have been a member for over 10 years with a long history of contributions to the community. A person's profile is one of the most reliable ways to tell a person's experience and competence in Drupal.

Briefly I started off with hardware design with low level programming (assembly) followed by over a decade of Windows programming followed by embracing the Open Source community. I have an unusual (and very useful) breadth and depth of programming (and I.T.) experience across technologies.

I am experienced in back-end development, integrations and front-end development. Also, for my own education I set-up and managed Linux web and mail servers for a time.

As a seasoned professional I make it my business not to be a cliché developer by being easy to get along with and at least somewhat knowledgeable in most aspects of business outside my own expertise.


It's unusual to show pictures like this in a resume however as they say, “a picture's worth a thousand words”, and this shows the development environment that I created – proof of I.T. technical experience and abilities.
I do all my software development in this environment which makes for very efficient use of time.


Software development: 25+ years.


  • Completed many projects from beginning to end (individually and in a team) including both website and commercial Windows software
  • Team leader experience (ran teams of several developers)
  • Able to “hit the ground running”
  • Software U.I. expertise since 1982 and web U.I. expertise since 2000
  • Excellent troubleshooting skills
  • Work well in teams and hitting deadlines
  • Extensive Drupal, CMS & database experience


  • 1990 Australian Design Award for cash book accounting software (written in Assembly) with the highest aggregate of points of any product put to the Australian Design Council up to that time.

(in which I have proficiency)

Web: Full Stack Developer, LAMP, AJAX/JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Drupal/PHP/JQuery, XML
Windows: VBA for Excel

(in which I have or had proficiency)

Year Technology
1982 Interpreter BASIC
1982 Assembly (NSC800 / Z80 / 80x86)
1992 Paradox for Windows
1993 Visual Basic (VB)
1995 VBA (Word, Excel, Access)
1998 SQL
2000 HTML / JavaScript
2001 XML
2002 LAMP (Linux / Apache / MySQL / PHP)
2005 Drupal, CSS2, open source
2007 AJAX, jQuery, other JavaScript libraries
2008 Linux - deep knowledge gained through custom building and using Linux servers & workstations
2012 HTML 5/CSS3
2014 AngularJS, Bootstrap
2016 Drupal 8 (twig and various new technologies added since Drupal 7)

(in which I have some experience)

ActiveX, AngularJS, ASP, Access, IIS, MS-SQL, ODBC, RPC, OLE, C/C++, TCL, FileMaker Pro, PASCAL, COPS (4bit processor), 68xx, BIOS & device drivers (wrote company’s own drivers etc. for custom hardware)

TECHNOLOGIES – which I work with on/off:

Various web/Drupal related technologies:

  • varnish, solr, SCSS/SASS, redis, memcache, PHP bytecode caching

E-commerce modules:

  • E-commerce, Ubercart, Commerce


Approx 50+ projects covering a wide-range of applications including:

2017 - 2018
Arizona State University

  • Position: Contract Drupal Developer
  • Maintain and develop various Drupal websites (there are hundreds of them!)
  • Architect various aspects of their evolving Drupal setup as the need arises
  • Migrate sites from Drupal 6 to 7 or from Drupal 7 to 8
  • Move non-Drupal sites into Drupal

2018 (April – May)

  • Position: Contract Drupal Developer
  • Helped with various Drupal technical issues many stemming from a Drupal 7 website having a Drupal 8 theme.
  • Added Solr integration
  • Added importing from remote Oracle FAQ DB


  • Position: Developer
  • Wrote module to automatically link up to various large file providers such as Dropbox.


  • Recreated my personal resume website in Drupal 8 – nothing fancy, just a page.

DIY Card Security:

  • Created several websites with Drupal 8 and even a couple in Wordpress. This company is in start-up mode and I’m unfortunately restricted from linking to their sites although here is their main site (which is only a page)

Dept. of Geological Surveys

  • Position: Drupal Developer
  • Customizing Drupal 7 application. The dept. was in the process of aggregating roughly 50 sites so there was much to do.


  • Position: Drupal Developer
  • Was working on the video aspects however was moved to the Dept. of Geological Surveys as a subcontractor.


  • Position: Drupal Developer
  • Heavily customized old Drupal 6 application in need of many fixes for reporting.
  • Worked on “fix it tickets” for the various problems with custom modules.
  • This was a short term gig to meet a governmental reporting deadline which made considerable use of git branches to suit various client's customizing needs.
  • Also solved various speed issues, resource issues & server setup/tuning issues.


  • Position: Lead Drupal Architect
  • Architected new Drupal installation
  • Excelled to specially created position, “IT-DevOps” to give me greater ability to be effective between IT/UNIX, Web Development & Apps Development (there are restrictions on developers when maintaining PCI compliancy)
  • Resolved cross-departmental technical issues (which added “IT-DevOps” to my title)
  • Innovated solutions to maintain consistency across website sections hosted and handled by 3rd parties
  • Resolved issues with company system integrations (e.g.: LDAP with Drupal)
  • Solved emergency outages on production servers

  • A short job of under a month to get this old Drupal 5 website running on modern Linux (PHP5.3 etc).

  • Helped with customizations to make work as they needed.
  • Includes timed import updates from back-end job databases

  • Drupal 7, this site has 30,000+ HTML files written by various people over 10 – 20 years that needed to be imported into a Drupal website.
  • I wrote a custom converter (which comprised of about 70 converters each working on various sections of the website) for importing the files first into a MySQL DB and then from there to Drupal (which is another MySQL DB) as most files were not HTML standards compliant with an almost unbelievable array of errors in HTML tags – no off the shelf reader or converter could process the HTML!

  • Drupal 7, came in mid-project – provides a platform for the proposal process of funding for structural biology research projects and social network for entities throughout the EU to collaborate in various ways such as sharing time of expensive research equipment
  • Creating and finishing major functionality
  • Tuning LAMP stack to server

  • Drupal 7 + MoneyScripts
  • Web hosting business where I developed ALL of the hosting infrastructure. This is a Drupal 7 multi-site setup.
  • ALL of the custom software for the business
  • Created the main corporate website (
  • Created the demo website (

On-going project:

  • Drupal 6.x + Ubercart now ported to Drupal 7 + MoneyScripts
  • Web hosting business where I developed ALL of the hosting infrastructure. This is a Drupal 7 multi-site setup.
  • ALL of the custom software for the business
  • Created the main corporate website

Most recent project highlights: Santa Clara Valley Water District internal website,

  • Drupal 6.x training on building a website from scratch
  • Serious custom functionality including making Drupal “tap into” an Oracle DB, and then displaying that data through Drupal's “views” while it was running a MySQL DB... Intranets are far more complex than most public websites.

A short project highlights -

  • Custom CMS & CS-Cart E-Commerce
  • Worked in team to:
    1. Migrate website to new servers
    2. Integrate acquired companies' websites
  • Setup and customized e-commerce system

Another major project highlights -

  • E-commerce/retail in Drupal 5.2
  • Worked 18 months (days/nights/weekends) on this website
  • Found at least two bugs in the Drupal core (one not being addressed until Drupal 7)
  • Heavily modified several modules and even the core when necessary
  • Setup high performance caching (memory cache + advanced cache)
  • Created an import routine to import thousand of products in minutes – reasonable performance not possible on this site through Drupal methodologies due to complexity of the site. Solution was to setup the MySQL database directly through a separate import script – required directly adding data to well over a dozen tables just as Drupal expects.
  • Created VBA Excel pre-processing script for import data.

Other recent websites:


Complete hosting solution for vertical markets, Social Media Marketing (SMM) web sites, E-commerce websites, Intranets, shipyard inventory management system, book club database, magazine database, screen printer’s quoting system, ISO9000 quality control software, GPS (global positioning system) software Interface, cash book accounting program (won an award), salt water chlorinator, a quiz show scoreboard, pipe leakage testing data logger, A 3D topographical mapping device (3D Wand), scoring system for indoor game centers, bank proximity sensor panel, phone number barring device, home robot prototype with speech synthesis and voice command recognition, building energy management system, off-shore oil rig computerized stabilizing system (H/S), hot crisp machine, BMX Club database with events generator.


Because I tend to work on high-end projects I have close associations with top professionals I have met on those projects who have various related skills including: Strategic marketing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, graphic design, writing and other types of programming any of which I can tap into for you or pass your way if you need the additional talent.